In a world growing more complex, unpredictable and confusing with every ticking minute, the need for facts, ideas and issues to be explained and made engaging is greater than ever. Study the principles of story design and tell stories which are hard to forget.

  • Learn to tell stories which stand out and stick in peoples' minds on a crowded internet
  • Gain confidence you understand how narrative really works
  • Get a reputation for telling complex, layered and compelling non-fiction stories
  • Find solutions to story problems on your current projects

Class runs 31st March - 25th April 2014 – Sold out!

Journalists • Filmmakers • Podcast Producers • Educators • Communicators

What is story design?

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Course outline

Week 1 - The Ingredients of Story

A high-speed introduction to the basics of telling a good story from start to finish.

  • 5 lessons
  • 3 exercises
  • 7 PDFs

Week 2 -

We step it up a notch and study theme, structure, character and conflict in professional detail. 5 lessons, 3 exercises, 5 PDFs

  • 5 lessons
  • 3 exercises
  • 5 PDFs

Week 3 - Designing for story

The real gold: a week-long masterclass in applying classic narrative techniques to non-fiction stories, making them as compelling as possible.

  • 5 lessons
  • 1 exercises
  • 5 PDFs

Week 4 - Mastering story

Begin your journey as a remarkable storyteller in an age of story. 5 lessons, 3 PDFs

  • 5 lessons
  • 3 PDFs

Who we are

Adam Westbrook

Course Tutor

Adam has researched and written all the material for the course. He began his career as a reporter before going freelance in 2009. Since then, he has produced web documentaries for publishers and NGOs around the world. He has written and published lots on non-fiction storytelling, from Inside the Story, a book which raised $4500 for charity in 2012, to Inside the Story Magazine in 2013. He is passionate about making complex ideas compelling through story.

Marc Thomas


Marc has produced the course to be as elegant, user friendly and powerful as possible. Marc is a publisher and journalist, writing mainly about the arts and design. He is co-author of Connected: The power of modern community which was published by The Guardian in 2013.

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